Videos Depicting Individuals Breaking Into Houses in Flacq

An anonymous individual has uploaded videos on Facebook showing men trying to break into houses. The police is currently working on the recordings to identify the criminals.


A man seen breaking a window pane with a rock in one of the videos

Videos uploaded on Facebook

If crime has reached unprecedented rates in our contemporary societies, the ways to tackle them have multiplied as well. Capturing images and videos of perpetrators of violence and other illegal activities bears testimony to how technology can be put to some good use. For a week now, videos from security cameras have been circulating on a Facebook page, depicting individuals trying to break into people’s houses.

The content of the videos: Man seen breaking into a house

In one of the videos, a man can be seen on a wall examining the houses nearby. He remained there for around 3 minutes before going back to the street in the village of Flacq.

In another video, a young man is seen entering a private property on bicycle. He went around the house, knocked on the door, and left the yard. Some minutes later, he returned and examined the interior of the house through a closed window. He thereafter broke it with a rock.

Both houses of the two videos are newly built ones. They are located in neighbourhoods that are still under development.

Helping the police

The police is already working on the video recordings. Officers from the IT Unit of the CCID are examining the videos with the aim to identifying the men.

They also wish to find the one who uploaded the videos online.

Meanwhile, police patrols in Flacq have increased.

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