Walk Out of The MMM After Clash With Maya Hanoomanjee

The leader of the Opposition, Paul Berenger, together with the MMM members of Parliament have collectively staged a walkout at the National Assembly today, 31st of March, after a clash between the Speaker Maya Hanoomanjee and Adil Ameer Meea broke out.

maya h.

Maya Hanoomanjee

Everything was going on smoothly today at the National Assembly until Adil Ameer Meea professed his intention of putting forth an additional question pertaining to the police station of Trou Fanfaron during the Prime Minister’s Question Time. The Speaker, Maya Hanoomanjee, however, promptly refused his request.

adil ameer m.

Adil Ameer Meea

The objection of the speaker consequently displeased the members of the MMM present at the Parliament. Nor did Adil Ameer Meea appreciate the response he got. An argument thus ensued between Maya Hanoomanjee and him.

The situation worsened a little time later: Rajesh Bhagwan also stepped in and argued with Maya Hanoomanjee. The latter thereafter asked Rajesh Bhagwan to leave. It was then that the members of the MMM following suit did a walkout.

Paul Berenger too was involved in the clash – he is said to have exclaimed at the speaker “Shame on you!”. He also called her a “political agent”.

After the walkout of the MMM Parliament members, Paul Berenger held a press conference. He denounced the “attitude” of Speaker Maya Hanoomanjee. He stated that the latter did not behave as a Speaker, but rather as a “political agent”. He believes that she has been “unfair” to the Opposition.

He even described the behaviour of the Speaker in the following terms: “Kouma enn profeser lekol”.

Paul Berenger also added that according to the law, they could present a “motion of no confidence”, but that for now they will not come forth with one.

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