Watchman Saw & Heard Policemen Ill-Treating Iqbal Toofany

The watchman alleging that he witnessed the police brutalising Iqbal Toofany speaks out.

iqbal T.

The eye-witness requested to assist in the crime scene reconstruction exercise on Saturday, 14th of March. Picture credits: L’

A watchman has recently claimed to have witnessed police officers ill-treating Iqbal Toofany, the man who died after he had spent the night in the custody of the police. He had given his testimony at the police station last week.

According to l’, he is reported to have said in his statement:

“Monn trouv piti gayn bate, monn trouv bann la pe bat li.”

However, in previous statements to the police, he had not mentioned having seen or heard anything on the night Iqbal Toofany was allegedly beaten up by the police officers. He then explained that he had said nothing out of fear. He related that one of the policemen involved had showed him his hands on the night of the 1st to 2nd March: they were red, probably because he had brutalised the victim.

According to l’, the watchman also added that the police officer in question told him that he had indeed beaten up a man who had supposedly robbed a car. He even said the following words, according to the witness: “Si li pa avoue, mo pou touy li”.

The witness had thereafter sworn in Supreme Court on the 10th of March and he also gave his testimony at the headquarters of the CCID last Friday in the company of his lawyers. He had then narrated what he supposedly saw and heard.

On Saturday, 14th of March, he had participated in the crime scene reconstruction exercise.

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