Weather: Mauritius Expecting Heavy Rain & Thunderstorms Today Afternoon (5 March 2015)

The rainy weather will persist today, 5th of March, according to the forecasts of the experts from the Vacoas meteorological station.

torrential rain

Unstable air hovering over the island has triggered the formation of stormy clouds. Moderate to torrential rain is thus expected, specially in the West and South of Mauritius, and on the central plateau. By tonight, other regions will probably also be drenched in rain.

Evacuations at Flic-en-Flac yesterday

Firemen were already at work today morning to pull out water from houses and yards in Flic-en-Flac. Villages of the West and South of the island, namely Bel-Ombre, Chemin-Grenier, Le Morne, Flic-en-Flac and Albion, were particularly affected by the torrential rains of yesterday. Firemen did around 40 interventions. Divisional Fire Officer Dorsamy Ayacooty stated that he had to contact the Disaster Committee to open the refuge centers of Flic-en-Flac as several houses have had to be evacuated.

Power cuts

The Central Electricity Board (CEB) informed of several power cuts resulting from short-circuited transformers due to the torrential rains. Localities in the South and in other areas were thus left in the dark. Furthermore, an electric pole was damaged at Rose-Belle.

Many more power cuts might happen today as well.

Independence Day under the rain

The stormy weather is likely to persist till next week because of a cyclone which is currently in the vicinity of Mauritius and Reunion Island.

Weather forecasts of American and European meteorological stations speak of a tropical storm that might affect the Mascarenes as from Monday, 9th of March.

The cyclone might soon approach Mauritius, but nothing is confirmed yet. If it does hit us, the 12th of March celebrations will be done under the rain.

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