6 Police Officers Invited At Sada Curpen’s Birthday Interrogated By The CCID

Sada Curpen had not returned home before the appointed time which was imposed on him by the law because he was celebrating his birthday at a club situated at Ebene. Ironically, 6 police officers were present at the club on that evening; they have been interrogated themselves and 2 of them have been transferred.

sada curpen

Sada Curpen surrounded by police officers

The 6 police officers (including the Sergeant-at-Arms of the National Assembly) who were present at the celebrations of the birthday of Sada Curpen on the 15th of March at Ebene were interrogated on the 1st and 2nd of April. Five of them – Annabelle Lablanche, constable Tina Ramchurn, Deven Mannaroo, Harry Mootoosamy and caporal Legrand – were interrogated on Wednesday. Chief Inspector Ramesh Badal was the only one questioned on Thursday.

Ramesh Badal and Annabelle Lablanche who were at the Police Press Office have been transferred.

A new Sergeant-at-Arms, chief inspector Vinod Pannoo from the Passport and Immigration Office, has been appointed.

Sada Curpen had been arrested by officers of the CCID after he left the intermediary court of Port-Louis. He is accused of not having abided by the conditions of his release on parole: he had not returned home before curfew because he was celebrating his 40th birthday at Altitude Club at Ebene on the 15th of March. The photos of the evening had even been posted on Facebook. Consequently, the CCID opened an investigation which led to Sada Curpen being taken into police custody.

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