Action Against Unlicensed ‘Taxi’ Drivers & Their Clients

The police will now be on the lookout for “taxi marron” or any other driver operating on this basis. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has revealed that half of the travellers are civil servants. Action will now be taken against both the operators and their clients.

taxi marron

According to statistics brought forth by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, 50 % of those who resort to the service of drivers who operate illegally to travel to their place of work are civil servants. The “taxi-marron” culture as we know it in Mauritius seems to have persisted in spite of the law. The issue of government employees turning to unlicensed ‘taxi-drivers’ will not be tolerated by the authorities anymore.

The ministry is appalled that civil servants take to this method to reach their places of work in spite of obtaining the required allocations for transport. According to L’, the ministry will not allow for the money of the government to be used to pay individuals running illegal businesses. Therefore, new regulations might be put into force in the near future. Action has already been taken though: police officers will be carrying out more control on trips to the capital.

It is not only the unlicensed drivers who will pay the consequences. Rather, the civil servants found guilty of the deed will be warned as well, and suspended if need be. As for the drivers themselves, they might have to pay fines and their vehicles might be seized by the National Transport Authority (NTA).

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