Alan Ganoo Creates A New Political Party

No sooner has Alan Ganoo resigned that he is already creating a political party of his own; he announced the news today during a press conference. Furthermore, he has clarified the reasons that pushed him to resign from the MMM.


Alan Ganoo

Alan Ganoo who has just resigned from the MMM has announced the creation of a new political party today afternoon during a press conference. Commenting on the new party to be set up, he stated that the youth will have a more important role to play.

Alan Ganoo was in the company of other ex-members of the MMM, namely, Kavi Ramano and Atma Bumma. Ganoo explained that their decision to leave the party was prompted by what they believe to be a “deviation from the ideology of the MMM“.

Furthermore, he mentioned the “arrogance of Paul Berenger” as another motivating factor.

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