Alan Ganoo Explains Why The MMM United With The PTr Last Year

The leader of the MMM, Paul Berenger, who was invited on Radio Plus yesterday, 1st of April, looked back onto memory lane, commenting on the PTr-MMM alliance. Alan Ganoo seems to have not appreciated his words.

alan ganoo

Alan Ganoo

Paul Berenger explained that he had not agreed with the way the conditions of the alliance were presented to him. He reminded his hosts that the “Remake” was broken first, and then the MMM had considered marching forth for the general elections all by itself. Thereafter, the alliance with the PTr was concluded.

In response to Paul Berenger, Alan Ganoo said that he was shocked and saddened by the latter’s words. He has himself come forward to clarify the “real reasons” that caused the MMM to contract an agreement with the PTr, on Radio Plus today. According to him, these motivations were crystal clear from the very beginning.

He went back on how Paul Berenger said that he did not agree with the way Alan Ganoo had presented the situation during their meeting. He argued that with the remake, Paul Berenger should have waited for three years before holding the post of PM, while with the PTr-MMM alliance, he would have been assigned the position for all five years. Alan Ganoo also added that one of the critical conditions imposed by the MMM during the negotiations was that Paul Berenger operates as PM for the five years in question – this clause was accepted by the PTr.

Alan Ganoo also said that what pushed the MMM to sign the contract for the alliance was the condition concerning the sharing of seats (30-30).

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