Alan Ganoo Resigns From The MMM

Alan Ganoo has announced that he will be resigning from the MMM yesterday night. Other MMM members Kavi Ramano and Atma Bumma are also determined to leave. The latter two are expected to follow in the steps of Alan Ganoo, who will be leaving after 40 years of his life devoted to the political party. The three of them will be holding a press conference today afternoon; until now, they have not mentioned the reasons motivating them to submit their resignation.

alan ganoo

Alan Ganoo

The beginning of the end for Alan Ganoo

Alan Ganoo was accused by many to have led to the loss of the MMM by engineering the PTr-MMM alliance. However, he defended himself, saying that he had only acted upon the instructions of Paul Berenger. The latter had also said that Ganoo had mismanaged the agreement between the PTr and the MMM during the negotiations last year. Ganoo had then responded to the statements, saying that he was surprised and saddened by the words of the leader of the MMM. Ever since the subtle clash was made apparent, Alan Ganoo was often absent at MMM meetings.

From then on, it seems that Alan Ganoo was on his way out.

Leaving broken-hearted

Ganoo, together with Ramano and Bumma, have ultimately decided to leave the party. They are expected to justify their departure today afternoon, at 1:00 p.m. during a press conference to be held at Labourdonnais Hotel, Port-Louis.

Since Tuesday night, Alan Ganoo had been holding a number of meetings with members of the MMM to explain his reasons for resigning. He is reported to have said that he is leaving broken-hearted.

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