Betamax Affair: Baichoo, Jeetah, Beebeejaun & Gowressoo To Be Interrogated Soon

A number of personalities will be interrogated to shed light on the Betamax case, namely, Anil Baichoo, Rajesh Jeetah, Rashid Beebeejaun and Mahen Gowressoo. However, the latter is unreachable; the police has tried to contact him, but in vain.


Rashid Beebeejaun, ex-Deputy PM

Now that the ex-General Director of the State Trading Corporation (STC), Ranjit Singh Soomarooah, has revealed his version of the circumstances pertaining to the conclusion of the Betamax contract, the investigators of the CCID will proceed to interrogate other personalities.

All those who have played a certain role during the different stages that led to the signing of the contract will be interrogated, including the ex-Minister of Public Infrastructure, Anil Baichoo, and ex-minister Rajesh Jeetah. The contribution of all the individuals having worked on the Betamax file will thus be put under the microscope.

Among those who will soon be called at the CCID headquarters include a Permanent Secretary (PS) of the ex-government and a Permanent Assistant Secretary.

PS Nirmala Nababsing and ex-PS Kandasamy Pather had already been interrogated at the beginning of the investigaion; the former had affirmed having followed the instructions given by ex-Deputy PM, Rashid Beebeejaun, while the latter reported having been threatened to be sacked by Anil Bachoo if he were not to abide by his instructions.

As a consequence, Rashid Beebeejaun will be convened to relate his version as well.

As for Ranjit Singh Soomarooah, he had mentioned the name of ex-Minister of Commerce, Mahen Gowressoo. The ex-minister will also be summoned by the CCID to give an explanation of the past situation. The CCID has, however, been unable to reach him. The police has planned to confront him with particular documents relevant to the Betamax affair that bear his signature. He will also have to face some of the statements made by Ranjit Singh Soomarooah and the ex-PS Pather.

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