Betamax Case: Mahen Gowressoo To Testify Soon

Mahen Gowressoo will soon be asked to give his testimony by the authorities. However, he is allegedly sick for now. Also, Xavier-Luc Duval whose name was recently mentioned in the Betamax affair has responded to the statements made about him.

Mahen g.

Mahen Gowressoo

The PTr’s ex-Minister of Commerce, Mahen Gowressoo, is next in line to be interrogated by the investigators of the CCID working on the Betamax case.

Mahen Gowressoo was to give his testimony, but fate had it otherwise. Apparently, he fell sick.

The ex-minister has been implicated by the ex-Managing Director of the State Trading Corporation (STC), Ranjit Singh Soomaroah. The latter mentioned the alleged contribution of Gowressoo during his own interrogation last Wednesday. He stated that he was pressurised by Gowressoo to allocate the contract to a firm operated by the brother-in-law of ex-minister Rajesh Jeetah, Veekram Bhunjun.

Ranjit Singh Soomaroah had also mentioned the name of Xaiver-Luc Duval who had supposedly asked an auditing firm to submit a feasibility study on the project. The latter affirms not being involved in the matter, and states that he has acted with complete integrity.

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