Betamax Case: Navin Ramgoolam Soon To Testify

Mahen Gowressoo was interrogated yesterday by the CCID. In his testimony, he mentioned Navin Ramgoolam. The latter will now have to testify himself.

navin r.

Ex-PM, Navin Ramgoolam

The Betamax affair proceeds forward. The next individual involved in the case will testify soon: the ex-PM, Navin Ramgoolam.

Navin Ramgoolam’s name has been mentioned during the interrogation of ex-Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mahen Gowressoo. It was initially said that the latter fell sick though. However, he was indeed interrogated “under warning” by the team of the assistant commissioner of police, Hemant Jangi, on the 14th of April. He was accompanied by his lawyer, Yash Bhadain.

Gowressoo had then explained that he had always been against the idea of the State Trading Corporation (STC) allocating the contract for fuel transport to Betamax. As a reminder, Betamax is a firm owned by the Bhunjun family whose son-in-law is ex-minister Rajesh Jeetah. Gowressoo explained that he had attempted to delay the transactions. However, it was Navin Ramgoolam who had come forward to ensure that the procedures are followed.

According to the version of Mahen Gowressoo, Navin Ramgoolam had pressurised him and threatened him with the following options “sign, resign or get revoked”. Instead of signing the Rs 10 billion contract, Gowressoo had paid a visit to his constituency; however, Ramgoolam had contacted him and snapped at him: “Al gete kifer kontra-la pe bloke”.

Mahen Gowressoo will testify again today.

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