Betamax Contract: Mahen Gowressoo Implicates Anil Bachoo

Mahen Gowressoo was interrogated yet again yesterday, 15th of April. 

Mahen g.

Mahen Gowressoo, ex-minister of commerce

The ex-Minister of Commerce was accompanied by his lawyer, Yash Bhadain, to give his testimony at the CCID headquarters. He stated having been pressurised by ex-minister Anil Bachoo for the signing of the contract to Betamax back in 2009.

Anil Bachoo used to be the vice-PM and Minister of Public Infrastructure at that time. Gowressoo explained that he was also involved in the Betamax affair.

Gowressoo said that they had a clash over the price to pay the firm Betamax. He was allegedly not satisfied with the price being so high. He made it known to Bachoo who seemed not to have shared his opinion.

Another object of dispute was the allocation of the contract to Veekram Bhunjun, brother-in-law of ex-minister Rajesh Jeetah.

Gowressoo attested that Anil Bachoo had even raised the tone of his voice when addressing him.

In his own words:-
“li ti lev lavwa ar mwa. Li ti koz for ek mwa”.

Mahen Gowressoo also explained that the committee of ministers set up for the Betamax project included himself, and that Xavier-Luc Duval and Asraf Dullul attended to the meetings. It was initially decided to have the firm BDO evaluate the Betamax contract, but this was later cancelled, supposedly because of conflicts of interests. Moreover, it seemed that the services of BDO were already called for by Veekram Bhunjun.

Mahen Gowressoo will be interrogated again tomorrow. He is expected to give more details about the meetings of the committee of ministers gathering to discuss the contract.

Thereafter, Anil Bachoo and Navin Ramgoolam will be called to give their respective testimonies.

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