Bramer Bank Scandal: 20 Branches Operational Again Today

The employees of the Bramer Bank are back to work today. The 20 branches of Bramer Bank open today, 6th of April. The team of employees will thus have their hands full this Monday.



Last week, the license of Bramer Bank was revoked by the Bank of Mauritius (BoM). The fate of the bank from then on was foggy. Today, as the employees are back to work, the situation will hopefully be clarified. The Minister of Finance has reassured that no employee is to feel threatened. However, some of them are still uncertain as to what awaits them.

So many questions are as yet unanswered. Who will take control of the BAI? What will the new conditions be? What about the employees’ service time? These will hopefully be addressed soon. A meeting has been scheduled today, gathering the ex-CEO of Bramer Bank, Ashraf Esmaël, and the managers of the 20 branches to review the operating procedures of the bank.

One of the major obstacles standing in the way of rectifying the situation involves the computer systems: the SBM and Bramer Bank use different information systems. Verifying the information on the databases will thus be problematic. Furthermore, the authorities concerned have limited time (until tonight) to get across the obstacles in question. However, they are optimistic as to the deadline; the employees are going to have to put in tremendous efforts today to update the data stored on computers and the bank accounts.

The total number of employees of the Bramer Bank make around 2 000 of them. More than 25,000 debit cards issued by the bank are still active. The ATMs were activated again yesterday – since then, around 3200 withdrawals were immediately made.

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