CCID Will Press Charges of Fraud Against Dawood Rawat In Absentia

The owner of the British American Investment (BAI), Dawood Rawat, might soon be arrested – an international arrest warrant could possibly be issued against him. A CCID team is expected to press several charges – including that of money laundering –against him in Supreme Court today; he will be charged in absentia since he has been abroad since two months now.

dawood rawat

Dawood Rawat, owner of the BAI

After Nandanee Soornack, Dawood Rawat might also have an international arrest warrant issued against him. The CCID is expected to press charges against the owner of the BAI in absentia. Dawood Rawat went abroad two months ago for health reasons. Allegedly, he is currently in a capital of a European country. He will be indicted for money laundering, fraud, and embezzlement of funds.

The police believes he has diverted the investments of his clients by illegally transferring the funds to foreign countries, among other methods. The authorities are also particularly concerned about the estate properties that were acquired at the US and at the UK.

The CCID team of the Assistant Commissioner Hemant Jangi will thus call at the Supreme Court to seek an order from the Judge to have the authorisation to obtain a “full disclosure” of the personal bank accounts of Dawood Rawat, as well as those of his partners and family members who are part of the executive committee of the subsidiary groups of the BAI.

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