Rumours of Construction Works at Rivière-Noire Salt Marshes

SOS Patrimoine is alarmed at the prospective changes to occur at the saltworks of Rivière-Noire. According to the NGO, some abandoned salt marshes have already been transformed into a residential area. It now fears lest the residential area is extended, and commercial centers added, thereby leading to the loss of ore salt marshes. However, the president of the district council of Rivière-Noire, Véronique Leu-Govind, affirmed that while the firm managing the saltmarshes of Rivière-Noire, Mont Calme Ltd, has requested for an Outline Building Permit, it has not submitted any building plan yet.


Apparently, the land pieces occupied by salt marshes situated in Rivière-Noire will be turned into residential areas. Or so says the NGO, SOS Patrimoine. The members of the association fear lest construction works for houses and commercial centers are launched where the salt pans lie. However, the president of the district council states that no plan or model of a building project has been submitted. Yet.

Meanwhile, SOS Patrimoine worries about the alleged imminent disappearance of the salt marshes, thereby losing a precious historic site.

As a matter of fact, the salt marshes are over one hundred years of age.

It seems that we will not lose all of the marshes; some of them will potentially be preserved. Apart from the rich history of the site, the saltworks of Rivière-Noire are considered to be a great tourist attraction.

Any construction project that will happen will be confirmed today. Mont Calm Ltd indicated that it will reveal whether the rumours are true or not.

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