Cyclone Joalane Influencing Weather Conditions of Rodrigues

Tropical cyclone Joalane is currently affecting Rodrigues.

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Rodrigues is currently threatened by an approaching cyclone. Tropical storm Joalane was found at 530 km from the North of the island today 8th of April. At 04h00, Joalane was centered around point 14.6 degrees South in latitude and 63.3 East in longitude.

According to the meteorological station of Vacoas, a cyclone warning class one might be in force in Rodrigues later today.

Though, during the last few hours, the cyclone has not moved much. Yet, it continues to affect the weather of Rodrigues. Winds of 80 km/h coming from an East-South-East direction are expected. Torrential rain has also been forecasted.

The sea will also be affected by the weather conditions. Fishermen have been cautioned by the meteo services to place their boats in safe areas.

Mauritius is also to feel the brunt of the cyclone. We are to expect rain and strong winds. Joalane was found at 825 km at the North-East of our country today morning.

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