Eleana Gentil Case: Police In Search of Another Suspect

The investigators working on the Eleana Gentil case are currently searching for another individual suspected of having raped the victim.

eleana G.

One of the suspects taken by the police

Blood traces were spotted on the underwear of Eleana Gentil by officials from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL). The report of the FSL is expected to reveal more information.

The police is now looking for another suspect. They believe that a group of people are involved.

Two other suspects were interrogated by the police. One of them is the paternal grandfather of the girl. He had provided an alibi when questioned by the investigators though. The second suspect is Arnaud Boodram who was arrested previously. Arm injuries were observed on his body when he was interrogated. Also, Boodram was convicted back in 2007 for having sexually abused of a 12-year-old girl.

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