Eleana Gentil Found Dead At Nouvelle France

11-year-old Eleana Gentil, missing since the 5th of April, has been found dead today morning at Nouvelle France.


Eleana (far left) & family

The police had been searching for her since she was reported missing. She had disappeared from a family gathering held at her aunt’s place. It was thought that she might have run away or that she was kidnapped.

The authorities suspect the case is about a “foul play”.

Again, the question resounds in our heads: what happened to Eleana? Her family believed she was kidnapped. Others have stated that her father and her paternal grandparents had visited her at the family gathering. Her mother last saw her when she was going to meet her grandparents. The latter have denied any involvement in the case.

Updates: Wednesday Afternoon

The macabre discovery of the body of Eleana has shocked many. Her family had still been holding on to the hope of finding her safe and sound.

She was found naked, with her head detached from her body.

Coroner Sudesh Kumar Gungadin was called at the site of the discovery.

An autopsy was to be performed at 16h00.

The royal road of Nouvelle France had been closed earlier. A diversion path was set up for drivers of the region.

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