Ex-PM Explained Rs 220 Million Came From Political Donations & Per Diems

Ex-PM Navin Ramgoolam was interrogated yesterday at the CCID concerning the Rs 220 million seized at his place earlier this year. He was to provide explanations as to the origin of the money. He is reported to have denied the allegations of money laundering. Apparently, the money comes from political donations, and allocations for his foreign trips (per diem).

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Accompanied by his lawyers Shawkat & Hisham Oozeer, Gavin Glover, and Nadim Hyderkhan (the latter had arrived at the CCID before), Navin Ramgoolam confronted the investigators.

Navin Ramgoolam stated that he would maintain his right to remain silence when it came to certain questions; he reiterated his stance that he considered himself a victim of “political vendetta”.

When asked to explain the origin of the money, Navin Ramgoolam affirmed that a great proportion of the Rs 220 million came to him from supporters of the PTr as donations. He asserted that another fraction of it belonged to him. According to his version, he received some of the money as “per diem” during the time when he was the PM, that is, he obtained regular allowances for foreign travel, amongst others; this has accumulated over time as per his trips.

Navin Ramgoolam has thus refuted the accusations of money laundering levelled against him after the money was seized from his place.

He will be interrogated again on the 30th of April at the CCID.

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  • And you expect us to believe that, ex-prime minister? Did you get your per diems in dollars still in the original printer’s wrappers? Is that normal? Is it even plausible? Let’s see the accounts. Presumably, your account of those per diems will match the official ones.

    Still, one has to ask: why would you keep so much money in CASH at home, when Mauritius has banks to keep the money safely and give you interest too? Or did you know something about Bramer that made you so nervous of banks that you preferred to stash it under the bed?

    Why should YOU hold on to the PTr’s money? Are you the party’s financial officer? No. Is a political donation to the party your personal property? Again, no. Though you seem confused on this point, because a week or two ago you asked “your” money to be returned to you.

    And if you have nothing to hide, why remain silent? Why should an innocent man have any reason to keep their mouth closed when offered the chance to explain everything and clear their name?

    You have no power now to stop the questions, ex-prime minister; they will keep coming, for weeks and months, maybe years. It’s time you bit the bullet and started answering them.

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