Extraditing N. Soornack Proves To Be Challenging

Those following the Nandanee Soornack case might be keenly awaiting for her return to the country to watch the developments unfold faster. The Mauritian authorities surely are working on it: the extradition procedures have been launched so that the police can tackle the affair as soon as possible. However, extradition from Italy might be so much trickier than the police would have hoped. 

nandanee s.

Nandanee Soornack

The Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) is working in collaboration with the office of the Attorney General to accelerate the procedures. A number of meetings have been held to detail out the plan. Mauritius has been in correspondance with Italy for the same purpose.

The extradition process was expected to be challenging since the very beginning of the case.

For one, no extradition treaty exists between Mauritius and Italy. Furthermore, Nandanee Soornack might contest the decision of her extradition; she could request for political asylum by arguing that she would face gross injustice from the Mauritian authorities if she were to return.

Also, it has not yet been planned for Mauritian police officers to travel to Italy to handle the affair.

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