Fishermen From Tamil Nadu Apprehended By British Navy of Diego Garcia

Fishermen from India were apprehended by the British navy in Diego Garcia when they were found approaching the island.


12 fishermen from Thoothoor fishing hamlet in the Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu have been charged of trespassing into the territorial waters of Diego Garcia occupied by the British navy.

Their fishing boat, named Beo Hingis, left Kochi on the 10th of April. On Wednesday, the boat’s captain made a call to the coastal village after they were apprehended, and their boat detained. The response was that the necessary actions will be taken.

“They were apparently apprehended on Sunday evening (April 19) and taken to the island after two days of sailing which indicates that they were near the maritime boundary of Diego Garcia and drifted in rough weather. We appeal to the state government and the Centre to take efforts to get our fishermen released,” said Justin Antony of Tamil Nadu Fishermen Development Trust.

This is not the first instance of such a predicament. Last December, another crew of deep sea fishermen were detained by the British navy. As a consequence, the crew from Tamil Nadu had been specifically told not to enter the territory of Diego Garcia, as affirmed by the boat owner. However, fate had it otherwise.

“Boat captain said that he had not intentionally trespassed the territorial waters, but the boat drifted due to rough weather. We are now very much worried about the consequences,” said the boat owner.

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