Goodlands Robbery Case: Robin Hood and Gang Arrested

The Goodlands armed robbery case has been solved: the alleged three robbers have been arrested. One of their partners has been revealed to be the neighbour of the victims.


Patrice Kandahoo, Cédric Jaune, Samantha Far (the victims’ neighbour), Denis Warren and Rudy Hurry. Photo credits:

The three suspects are 24-year-old Cédric Jaune (who is described as the leader of the gang), 45-year-old Patrice Kandahoo, and 33-year-old Rudy Hurry. The first two are inhabitants of Le Hochet, Terre-Rouge, and the latter resides in Roche-Bois. Another individual arrested by the Field Intelligence Unit (FIU) is Samanta Far.

On Monday 30th of March, Denis Warren had been apprehended by the police after they found stolen objects in his possession. When questioned, he revealed the names of the three suspects.

Yesterday, sergeant Seewoochursing of the FIU and constables Luchmun and Gungadin mounted an operation. They first went to the house of Patrice Kandahoo who was then arrested.

According to the version of Patrice Kandahoo, his friend Cédric Jaune asked him to accompany him to rob a house located in Goodlands.

“Cédric inn dir mwa monn deza fer prison ek mo conn larout… Bizin all Goodlands pou coquin.”

The police was then led to the house of Cédric Jaune to apprehend him. The latter then mentioned the name of his accomplice, Rudy Hurry, who is a seller of apples, and that of Samanta Far, the neighbour of the robbed family. To catch Rudy Hurry, the DCP Vinod Appadoo and officers of the FIU went to Port-Louis to keep an eye on apple-sellers; that was how Rudy Hurry was found by the police.

The three suspects were brought to the CID of Goodlands.

Cédric Jaune thereafter related to sergeants Krishna-Nair and Ramasawmy that he has been friends with Samanta Far since they were teenagers. Recently, the woman needed Rs 50 000. Cédric then told her that he could rob from the rich people. When he had asked her if she knew any wealthy people, she pointed at her neighbours. The gang, including Patrice and Rudy, then set up a plan. Samanta had informed them that the couple were absent from the house on the 21st of March so that they could execute their plan. They entered the house and waited for the owners to return. Cedric narrated that the man had tried to resist his attacks and he had thus struck him; the wife was threatened by Patrice with a cutter.

After seizing the valuables, they went to an isolated piece of land in Riche-Terre and changed their clothes which they put on fire, in attempts to delete any evidence.

Funnily enough, Robin Hood Cédric states that he only steals from people who are well-off, almost as if justifying his crime.

So, what did they do with their ‘earnings’? Patrice stated that Cédric gave him Rs 7 000 – all of which has already been spent. Rudy Hurry only received Rs 2 000. Samanta has admitted to her participation but claims having received nothing. Some jewellery has been sold off by Cédric Jaune; the police is still trying to locate the buyer.

The thieves and their partner Samanta have appeared in the court of Pamplemousses yesterday, a “larceny violence armed with offensive weapon while being masqued” charge levelled at them. Samanta has been charged with conspiracy.

The police has objected to the release on bail of the robbers.

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