HIV-Positive Foreign Student Facing Deportation Fights Back

A student from Cameroon has turned to the Supreme Court of Mauritius after it was revealed that she is HIV-positive and thus threatened of deportation. She has applied for judicial review pertaining to the decision of the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO).

HIV and women

The motion has been presented in court today in front of Judge Eddy Balancy. The latter ruled that the young woman is not to be deported while the court comes up with a decision.

She arrived in Mauritius on the 27th of January 2015. She had previously obtained a student visa valid for three months. However, the PIO later rejected her application for a student visa. She affirms that she has been living a nightmare ever since she got the results of the HIV test. According to the Immigration Act, any foreigner testing positive for HIV cannot be eligible for a residence permit on the Mauritian territory.

Her cause is being supported by the NGO PILS. The organisation has sent a letter to the PM requesting him to allow the student to complete her studies in Mauritius.

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  • HIV

    This is descrimination in every sense of the word. Just because this student is HIV positive does not mean that she has be deported.I do hope that the judge will overrule this decision and let her stay. She did not choose to have Hiv, she is not a criminal. So much for African unity

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