International Arrest Warrant Against Dawood Rawat Rejected

Magistrate Adila Hamuth has denied the police their request for an international arrest warrant against Dawood Rawat, the Chairman Emeritus of the British American Investment.

dawood rawat

Dawood Rawat

A team of assistant commissioner Hemant Jangi asked for the authorisation at the Supreme Court earlier today. The charges levelled against Dawood Rawat were formulated as follows:

“The accused is charged under one count of a provisional information with having between September 2011 to date, criminally, knowingly, wilfully, unlawfully engaged in various transactions that involve property which in part, directly, or indirectly represent the proceeds of crime, in breach of Sections 3(1)(a) and 8 (1)(a) of the Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2002”.

In his testimony, Chief Inspector Jeago from the CCID affirmed that Dawood Rawat left the country for the UK on the 11th of March, but that the date of his return remained unknown, while the police believed that the presence of the owner of the BAI would be essential for the investigation pertaining to the Bramer Bank issue to proceed smoothly.

The magistrate, however, did not deem the arguments justification enough, and denied the right to have an international arrest warrant issued. The judgement read as follows:

“In the present matter, the accused is absent and there is no evidence before this Court that the accused has been arrested which would give rise to the lodging of a provisional information to bring the detention of the accused under judicial control.

In the light of the above and taking into account the reason and the purpose for which a provisional information is lodged, it can neither come into existence before the arrest of a suspect nor used as an instrument to effect such arrest. The provisional information lodged in the present matter is therefore struck out”.

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