Iqbal Toofany Case: 2 Police Officers Released Today

The Iqbal Toofany case is still ongoing. Six police officers had been accused of having brutalised him. Two of them have been released today.

police officers

Four of the accused, and one of their lawyers (far right)

Sergeant Beekash Persand and constable Joshan Raggoo, both involved in the Iqbal Toofany case, have been freed today, 13th of April, after they appeared in the Bail and Remand Court. Their release necessitated the payment of a bail of Rs 50 000 and an acknowledgement of debt of Rs 700 000 each.

The conditions of their release dictate that they have to call at the police station of their locality three times per week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, between 06h00 and 18h00.

As for the police officers Vincent Gaiqui and Jean-François Numa, who are also involved in the case, the police objected against their release. The police argued that they might manipulate any evidence pertaining to the case or influence witnesses.

It is to be noted that another of the accused police officers, constable Laboudeuse, was released on the 6th of April. He had to pay a bail of Rs 50 000, and an acknowledgement of debt of Rs 700 000.

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