Iqbal Toofany Case: Constable Laboudeuse Released on Parole

Constable Johny Laboudeuse involved in the Iqbal Toofany case has been released on bail by the magistrate Prithviraj Balluck of the Bail and Remand Court today 6th of April. Laboudeuse is among the group of police officers accused of having mistreated Iqbal Toofany that led to the latter’s death on the 2nd of March 2015.

Constable Laboudeuse

Constable Laboudeuse

Johny Laboudeuse was liberated after the payment of a Rs 50 000 bail. He has also signed an acknowledgement of debt of Rs 700 000 to be released on parole. The conditions of his release dictate that he appears at the police station of Bel-Ombre every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday between 06h00 to 18h00.

Constable Laboudeuse had requested for the release on parole through his lawyer, Gavin Glover. The latter had presented the motion on the 27th of March. He had denounced the way the police had handled the situation; according to him, they should have consulted the office of the DPP before modifying the provisional accusation of torture to murder. He argued that no evidence has been found as to the crime having been planned in advance or done intentionally to justify the murder charges.

Gavin Glover is reported to have said in his statement:-

« Où sont les preuves attestant d’un meurtre commis intentionnellement, ou encore qu’il s’agit ici d’un crime prémédité ? C’est trop facile d’inculper une personne d’assassinat, ou pour satisfaire le tribunal populaire. La police a choisi de sa propre initiative l’accusation d’assassinat. Nous ne sommes pas loin du pays des tontons macoutes. »

Prolonging the detention period of constable Laboudeuse was advocated by the lawyer from the office of the DPP, Roshan Santokhee, who had argued that the police officer has amassed 15 years of experience and the risk of him manipulating the evidence cannot be disregarded. That was taken under advisement until today – the magistrate Prithviraj Balluck has finally decided that constable Johny Laboudeuse is to be released on parole.

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