L’Amicale Arson Case: Convicted Reveal Name of Another Prisoner Allegedly Involved In The Crime

The four individuals convicted for arson regarding the L’Amicale affair have revealed the name of a prisoner who has allegedly admitted to have participated in the crime; the 1999 arson case entailed the gambling house L’Amicale situated at Port-Louis, and had resulted in the death of 7 persons.

Amicale affair

The gambling house after the tragedy

When the 4 convicted individuals, Sheik Imran Sumodhee, Khaleel Oudeen Sumodhee, Naseeb Keramuth and Shaffick Nawoor, met with the representatives of the National Human Rights Commission yesterday, 29th of April, at the prison of Beau-Bassin, they provided information relating to another prisoner who, according to them, was involved in the crime. Their lawyer, Rama Valayden, announced the recent development yesterday afternoon on Radio Plus.

Back in August 2014, the National Human Rights Commission announced that it would analyse the report of the case after a request was made by the panel of lawyers of the convicted individuals. The latter were sentenced with a 45-year imprisonment since 2001 after they were found guilty in court for having set fire to L’Amicale. However, they have always claimed to be innocent. They have thus requested for the reopening of the investigation.

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