L’Express Reporters Attacked By Supporter of Anil Bachoo

A reporter from l’Express, and two of her colleagues (videographers) have apparently had to bear the brunt of one of the agents of Anil Bachoo. The journalists were covering the event of Anil Bachoo’s house being searched by the police yesterday, 29th of April, when they were threatened by one the supporters of the e-minister.

anil bachoo

The journalists were following the event at Plaine-des-Roches at around 17h40 when the unpleasant incident happened. One of the agents of the ex-minister seemed not to have appreciated the presence of the reporters. He drove his black BMW right in the direction of the journalists who barely had time to get out of his way. Videographer Yannick Azor was left injured at the level of his tibia.

The driver had then allegedly got out of the vehicle to threaten the reporters.

Thereafter, a complaint was filed at the police station of Rivière-du-Rempart.

Earlier that day, the police decided to search the house of Anil Bachoo after his interrogation “under warning” at the CCID headquarters. The search did not reveal anything significant though.

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