Michael Sik Yuen Convened At The CCID Today

Michael Sik Yuen is to call at the CCID office today, 20th of April, accompanied by his lawyer. He is expected to give his testimony for the complaint he had filed last December. He had affirmed that he was booed and beaten up by agents of Alliance Lepep at Cité Atlee at Curepipe. According to him, the latter were obstructing the way of PTr candidates, preventing them to have access to the neighbourhood.

Sik Yuen

Michael Sik Yuen

The general elections 2014 day – 10th of December – was full of ‘colourful’ events. One of those moments not to be easily forgotten involved PTr candidate Michael Sik Yuen. A clash had broken out among Alliance Lepep candidates and the latter. Michael Sik Yuen was thought to have distributed money to voters in the town of Curepipe. He had, however, denied the allegations. Rather, he had himself come forth with complaints of assault: he stated that he was attacked by agents of Alliance Lepep.

As a consequence, Michael Sik Yuen had made a statement at the police station. Today, 20th of April, he is expected at the CCID headquarters to give his testimony.

He will also have to face the complaint Adrien Duval and Stéphane Toussaint made against him for having allegedly given money to voters to sway them in his favour on the 10th of December.

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