MMM Political Office Requests Suspension of Bumma, Ganoo & Ramano

The political office of the MMM held a meeting at Rose-Hill yesterday 20th of April and made a number of critical decisions pertaining to the members of the political party. As a consequence, the suspension of Atma Bumma, Alan Ganoo, and Kavi Ramano has been requested. Another meeting will be held today afternoon to come up with a final decision.


Today afternoon, the central committee of the MMM might endorse the suspension of Atma Bumma, Alan Ganoo and Kavi Ramano. None of the latter three was present at the meeting yesterday where the decision of the suspension was brought up.

Steven Obeegadoo was also in danger of being suspended. He had then provided explanations as to the issues related to him yesterday itself during the meeting, and he has thus not been suspended.

As for the trio Bumma-Ganoo-Ramano, they are said to have met with those ex-members of the MMM who have resigned from the party, with the aim to conspiring against the Leader of the Opposition, Paul Berenger. Steven Obeegadoo was also said to have been involved in the alleged conspiracy. They have indeed confirmed that they met with Rafick Sorefan, Joe Lesjongard and Jean-Claude Barbier. However, they argued that they had no intention of conspiring against the Leader of the MMM. Rather, they had attempted to reunite the MMM.

Their suspension might be confirmed today afternoon. But, nothing is confirmed yet.

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