Mont-Roches Case: Parents Kept In Police Custody

The parents who were apprehended by the police for having allegedly confined their two sons in their house at Mont-Roches are still in police custody. The police has objected against their release.


Satiaven and Batmavadee Teeroovengadum, the parents accused of having kept their sons confined for more than a decade

Satiaven and Batmavadee Teeroovengadum were led to a police cell. They are accused of having kept their sons, 25-year-old Kevin and 20-year-old Yovan Teeroovengadum, trapped in their home for 14 years.

The couple will appear in the court of Rose-Hill on the 9th of April.

The two young men were found without any clothes and tied down. They were escorted out of the house by the police. God only knows what they have gone through at the hands of their parents for years. Neighbours have related a number of bizarre occurrences pertaining to the family. If not for those who informed the police of the mysterious situation, the young men might not have been ‘liberated’.

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