Mont-Roches Confinement Case: The Parents Hospitalised At Brown-Séquard

The Teeroovengadum brothers were hospitalised at Brown-Séquard last week. Now, it is the turn of their parents after a psychiatrist recommended that they be kept under observation.


The Teeroovengadum parents

The parents of the Teeroovengadum brothers who have allegedly kept the young men confined in their home for more than 10 years have been admitted at the Brown-Séquard hospital. They were previously examined by a psychiatrist: no sign of mental diseases was observed. However, the expert recommended for them to be admitted in the High Security Ward of the hospital.

The purpose of keeping them at the hospital is to put them under observation for a few days.

As a consequence, they will not appear in the court of Rose-Hill this Thursday, as was initially planned.

The couple, Satiaven and Batmavadee Teeroovengadum, were arrested last Wednesday after it was found out that they might be wrongfully trapping their sons in their house at Mont-Roches. Police officers of Residence Barkly had looked into the matter after being informed of the weird happenings. They had then discovered the two young men, Kevin and Yovam Teeroovengadum, living in poor conditions in the house, with one of them tied, and both naked. The boys were taken to the Brown-Séquard hospital on that very day. The results of the examination of their mental health will soon be revealed.

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