Mont Roches Weird House: 2 Young Men Freed After Years

Haunted house? Kept away from society for any reason? Two young men have been allegedly trapped into the house of their father at Mont-Roches. The police had decided to proceed to the address given after having been informed by neighbours about weird happenings. Policemen and officers of the Family Protection Unit arrived there and forced the door open. They discovered the two young men – the youngest is 20 years of age and the other one is 25 years old – in a room, with one of them tied while the other was found in a corner, seemingly traumatized.

House in Mont-Roches

The Mont-Roches house – Photo Lexpress

The officers took the young men to the psychiatric hospital of Brown-Sequard.

The people living in their vicinity affirm that they have tried to help the family before but that the only response they got was in the form of insults. The authorities were therefore informed of the situation so as to shed light on the affair.

The parents of the two men have another version. They claim that the complaints made by their neighbors are baseless. The father argued that the men were not held prisoners in their own home. He added that one of his sons is mentally ill. He also claimed that he himself has complained against two inhabitants of the area, one of whom has allegedly poisoned his cats and the other having broken his window.

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  • I just hope very much that there will more welfare on children. To resume if the neighbours reported them before and the social workers pay visit to families, there will be less abuse on children with alcoholic parents which is quite often and in others cases, I really hope more law to protect our children, I just imagine these two young men could be today our doctors, responsible citizens contributing to our society, please take care good care of them, they’ve got everything to change their life now, I dream to see them as normal citizens in 10 years. Thanks to our police officers. I hope my comment will be published, I will make sure it will be read as well somewhere else. Thank you

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