MPCB Denies Rumour About Bank Closing Down

The Mauritius Post and Cooperative Bank (MPCB) has issued a communiqué yesterday 8th of April with the aim of reassuring its clients that the bank will continue to operate as usual.


The MPCB. Photo credits:

The management of the MPCB has released a communiqué to inform its clients, business partners and any other shareholder that its operations will continue normally within cautionary norms. The notice was issued following the general panic that seized some of the clients of the bank this week, stemming from rumours about the MPCB.

Rumours had it that the MPCB might disappear after the opening of the new bank, the National Commercial Bank, that will soon be operational as announced by the government, as a solution to the BAI/Bramer Bank crisis. Some have used this situation to create distorted statements about the MPCB being into fraud as well. Therefore, the management of the bank cleared out the doubts and stated that the rumours are malicious and fake. A complaint has also been filed at the police.

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  • In his revenge fueled odyssey, Jugnauth has put into motion, the dismantling of BAI, an event that will ultimately destroy the Mauritian economy.

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