Municipal Elections 2015: PTr Might Abstain From Participating

The PTr might possibly not enlist its participation in the upcoming municipal elections confirmed to be held this year.

municipal elections

As reported by L’, the PTr might not sign up for the next battle: the imminent municipal elections; one of their members has allegedly said that the political party has not yet recovered from the defeat of last year, thereby putting them in a position entailing the risk of not giving a good performance at the municipal elections.

Furthermore, he has affirmed that the PTr exerts more influence in rural areas as opposed to urban ones – he believes that this will surely not be changed now. Otherwise, the alliance Remake 2000 has dominated the regions of Rose-Hill, Quatre-Bornes and Port-Louis. Moreover, with the current position enjoyed by the government headed by Alliance Lepep, it will not be an easy task to confront it.

Yet another reason provided by the PTr member involves the financial situation of the party. It seems that the group prefers to abstain from participating in the elections poorly armed.

Apparently, the PTr will soon communicate the final decision of not marching forth for the municipal elections.

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