Murder of Eleana Gentil: A Man Arrested

A man suspected of being involved in the murder of 11-year-old Eleana Eduarda Gentil has been arrested today, 17th of April. He was to appear in the court of Port-Louis. Nothing has been revealed as to the identity of the suspect. Prior to arresting the man, the police had been working on the case since the little girl was reported missing. Now that the body has been discovered, the investigation is accelerating: several vehicles belonging to the guests who attended the party where Eleana was last seen have been examined.

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Eleana Gentil was missing since the 5th of April. Her mother related that she was last seen at a party held at her aunt’s place. From then on, her family has had no news of her. The police was looking for her ever since. Three days ago, all hope to meet her again was crushed when police officers made the macabre discovery of the “headless” corpse of Eleana.

When the body was found at Nouvelle France, it was already in a highly-advanced stage of decomposition, such that it was puzzling to Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin who examined the corpse to determine the exact cause of death. He only found that Eleana’s skull sustained a fracture; she was apparently hit with a rock at the right temple.

Who could have had the heart to do such a thing to the young girl?

The circumstances of death are unknown and the identity of the suspect arrested today is mysterious as well; the authorities have not yet revealed the latter’s name. However, the neighbourhood of Cité Anoska seems to have some vague idea as to his identity. It is said that he was present at the party held on the 5th of April.

He was to appear in court today.

After finding the corpse, the Criminal Investigation Division of Curepipe and the Major Crime Investigation Team have been focused on finding the criminal behind the atrocious crime. Two teams led by chief inspectors Sailesh Omrawoo and Luciano Gérard interrogated a number of individuals who had attended the party where Eleana was last seen. Furthermore, relevant samples were taken from the vehicles of the guests by experts from the Forensic Science Laboratory.

The police thinks that Eleana was killed at Cité Anoska before the body was abandoned at Lapeyre, Nouvelle-France, located around 2 kilometers away.

Meanwhile, the clothes of the victim which were found far from the corpse have been sent for analysis to deduce whether she was sexually assaulted before murdered.

Also, she was not decapitated. Rather, her head detached from her body naturally.

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