Mysterious Sky Fireball in Mauritius & Reunion Explained

People from Reunion Island and Mauritius are talking about a fireball shooting in the sky today. What is it about? Have the authorities confirmed its presence?


The fireball

Pictures of fireball on Facebook

A fireball has allegedly been observed in the sky today, 9th of April, as relate some Mauritians and inhabitants of Reunion Island. The fireball is said to have been spotted to the west of the two islands. The Facebook page “Actus Météo 974” has even shared a photograph of the phenomenon.

What is the origin of the fireball?

A member of the Mauritius Astronomical Society (MAS), Ricaud Auckbur, has put forward 4 possible theories as to the nature and origin of the fireball.

He explained that it could be an object of around 1 meter in diameter, larger than a shooting star, brushing against our atmosphere, without any dire consequence. Or, it might even have penetrated into our atmosphere before undergoing gradual disintegration.

Auckbur also mentioned “rocket re-entry”, an occurrence whereby the remains of a rocket launched into space fall back onto Earth.

The last hypothesis involves the possibility of a meteorite reaching the Earth.

It is to be noted that the MAS itself has not confirmed the sighting. Nor has the Mauritius Meteorological Services of Vacoas.

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