Nandanee Soornack Arrested By Interpol In Italy

Nandanee Soornack has been arrested by Interpol today, 16th of April.


It has been a while since we last heard of Nandanee Soornack whose life happenings would almost dominate local news some weeks back.
An international arrest warrant had previously been issued against her by the tribunal of Port-Louis.

Nandanee Soornack has now been arrested by Interpol at Parma, Italy, where she is said to have been residing since she left Mauritius after the announcement of the results of the general elections 2014.

The notorious businesswoman is thought to be involved in the Roches-Noires affair. Furthermore, she might also have played a pertinent role in Navin Ramgoolam‘s controversial case whereby huge amounts of money were found at the latter’s place. Soornack is suspected to have transported suitcases full of money.

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