Nandanee Soornack Fights For Airway Coffee

Now that Nandanee Soornack has been liberated by the Italian police, she is ready to respond to the actions and allegations made against her. For one, she will not let her restaurant, Airway Coffee, at the airport of Mauritius, be liquidated. In an affidavit made yesterday, 20th of April, her legal representative Pazany Thandarayan put forth a series of reasons justifying her contesting the action of the Airports of Mauritius (AML) and d’Airport Terminal Operations Ltd (ATOL) to liquidate her firm.

airway coffee

Nandanee Soornack has requested for the authorities governing the affairs of the airport to accept the payment of her “concession fees”. If her wish is not granted, she will possibly drag the matter to an independent arbitrator.

Her legal representative, Pazany Thandarayan, explained in the affidavit issued that it would be unfair to her were her firm to be liquidated. He has also affirmed that his client will pay all of her debts, on the condition that the authorities concerned accept it in installements. She also affirmed not owing some of the debts ascribed to her.

Pazany Thandarayan also added that the ATOL (Airport Terminal Operations Ltd) and AML (Airports of Mauritius) took to a number of strategies to trigger the expulsion of the restaurant Airway Coffee from the airport since the last general elections.

On the other hand, the ATOL and the AML had stated that the businesswoman was unable to pay her debts, explaining that she had to pay back Rs 30.7 million for rent. Furthermore, she is said to owe Rs 90 million to the State Bank of Mauritius Ltd, Rs 45 million to Bank One and Rs 663 270 to the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA). Nandanee Soornack herself, however, has denied owing money to Bank One and the MRA. As for what she owes to SBM, she says that she is currently paying it back.

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