Nando Bodha Promises More School Buses

The Minister of Transport, Nando Bodha, had announced that the free transport system for students will be reviewed. As school has resumed yesterday, students were back to their routine. However, some of them were greeted with an unpleasant surprise when they were on their way home: many did not get to board on school buses because of the lack of them. Upon learning of the predicament of the students, Nando Bodha announced that the necessary steps would be taken, and that they would contact the bus operators to make a request for more buses.

nando bodha

In line with the announcement of Minister Nando Bodha to have more school buses for students, officials of the National Transport Authority (NTA) have carried out a survey yesterday to glean the relevant information pertaining to the issue.

The aim of Nando Bodha is to call out for the collaboration of all parties concerned while the need for more buses is catered for. For instance, he stated that buses onboard which members of the personnel of colleges travel will be called to transport students as well, as a temporary solution. Ultimately, 100 new buses will be put at the disposal of students who travel via public transport vehicles to reach their educational institutions.

The president of the Association of Rectors of Mauritius, Madoo Ramjee, also commented on the issue. He stated that he was not surprised at the mess that occurred yesterday since the NTA sent the same number of buses in spite of the decrease of the authorised number of students per bus.

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