Navin Ramgoolam Demands To Have ‘His’ Rs 220 Million Back

Navin Ramgoolam wants ‘his’ millions back. His lawyers are fighting for him to have the money seized at his place returned to him.

navin r.

Navin Ramgoolam strikes back. Having been caught in a number of police cases, previously accused of conspiracy (Roches-Noires robbery) and of money laundering, with his name recently mentioned in the Betamax contract affair, he seems to be up for a fight.

His lawyers have asked for justice in the Supreme Court today 16th of April. They have put into question the legality of the search that was done at his place back in February. Furthermore, they demand that the money found at his place is returned to him. The lawyers argue that the money should never have been seized since the search itself should not have been made to begin with.

The search that was done has been described as illegal by the lawyers of the ex-PM. They believe that the authorities involved did not abide by the law and that the constitutional rights of Navin Ramgoolam were baffled. For instance, Yousuf Mohamed affirmed that the magistrates who issued the search warrant should have ensured that the police was indeed telling the truth; he argued that this was not done.

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