Nepal Earthquake 2015: More Than 3,000 Dead Reported

The death toll resulting from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday has reached beyond 3,000 today. The search for survivors is still ongoing.


A collapsed house in Nepal after the earthquake

A spokesman from the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal’s government, Laxmi Dhakal, confirmed that 3,218 people have been found dead until now.

6,525 people have been reported to be injured.

The damage the earthquake brought extended all across the country. The actual number of deaths is thus expected to be much greater, as the search going on will be bringing in more information.

victims nepal

Searching for victims under the debris. Photo credits: Niranjan Shrestha.

The current situation is still as bad. Survivors have nowhere to go. They can be seen gathering around any open space available, from fields to empty roads. At night, many of them have been sleeping in the open cold environment.

“The entire city was under darkness,” Christina Berry of England wrote for CNN affiliate IBN from Kathmandu. “There was not a single light anywhere. The power supply had been cut off. Our caring hotel manager gave us some food and some candles, too. Me and Alexandra were so scared. We slept in the open verandah of the hotel fearing more quakes in the night.”

To cater for their needs, the people have themselves set up communal kitchens.

International disaster relief workers have been focusing their efforts in the capital city of the country, Kathmandu. The Nepal Red Cross Society is buzzing with activities. Many international charity organisations and other NGOs have sent help to the people of Nepal. Google has also joined the cause: it has launched a People Finder Tool allowing victims to keep in contact with family and friends. The users can look for victims or post information relating to them.

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