Nitin Chinien Not Hosting His Radio Shows: WHY?

According to L’, it is confirmed that Nitin Chinien is no more hosting his radio shows – entitled Wake-Up and Bouz Ar Nou Ban Zil – since the beginning of this week. A member of the management of the MBC told l’ that Nitin Chinien has “auto-suspended” himself.

nitin chinien

Nitin Chinien

It seems that the singer has had certain confrontations with the police. L’ reports from their source at the MBC that this has led to him turning his back on his professional duties.

The manager of a club had accused Nitin Chinien of having confined him in a bungalow situated at Baie-du-Tombeau. He affirmed having had disagreements with Nitin Chinien since the 14th of March. The accused has denied the allegations.

This is not the first time that Nitin Chinien is absent for his shows at the MBC. He was dismissed from his post back in 2012. He had justified himself arguing that he had denounced certain favouritism practices which led to the circumstances. However, he had returned to the MBC when the management changed after the general elections.

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