Potential Attack In Indian Ocean: Suspects Are From Maghreb

More information has been revealed concerning the potential attack allegedly planned to unleash in the Indian Ocean. Three individuals from Maghreb are suspected to be plotting malicious activities. Authorities think that Mauritius might be on their itinerary if they will actually be travelling to this region of the world.


The group of 3 are said to be travelling with fake passports. They are thought to be members of terrorist organisations. The warning was issued by French authorities during the weekend. From then on, the anti-terrorist cell of Mauritius has been on its guards.

The security level of the airport of Mauritius has thus been heightened. All passengers coming from and going to Paris are being thoroughly searched.

Furthermore, special attention is currently being given to the security measures pertaining to travellers from Maghreb to Seychelles because of the upcoming carnival scheduled for the weekend there.

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