Ranjit Singh Soomarooah Conditionally Released on Parole

Ranjit Singh Soomarooah, the ex-managing director of the State Trading Corporation (STC), has been released today, 10th of April. Having been accused of favouritism relating to the Betamax affair, he was arrested by the investigators of the CCID two days ago.


Ranjit Singh Soomarooah

Being released on parole, Ranjit Singh Soomarooah will have to pay for two bails for the two charges levelled against him. For the conspiracy charges, he will have to pay Rs 30 000 as bail and sign an acknowledgement of debt of Rs 300 000. For the “breach of procedure in procurement tender board” charge, he will have to provide Rs 20 000-bail and an acknowledgement of debt of Rs 200 000.

Furthermore, he is to abide by certain conditions that have been imposed upon him by magistrate Joypaul. For instance, he does not have the right to interfere with the police investigation and witnesses.

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