Rawat Daughters Unable To Withdraw Their Money Deposited At Ex-Bramer-Bank

The Rawat family lawyer, Senior Counsel Gavin Glover, has revealed that the daughters of Dawood Rawat cannot withdraw their deposited money from the ex-Bramer Bank. This would imply that their bank accounts were not transferred to the new banking institution, the National Commercial Bank.


The Bramer Bank which is no more

Senior Counsel Gavin Glover explained on Radio Plus yesterday 16th of April that the bank accounts of his clients, namely the two daughters of Dawood Rawat, have not been transferred to the National Commercial Bank (NCB), the new bank that has been recently set up by the government after the Bramer Bank tragedy.

The reason as to why the transfer was not executed has not been provided by the NCB.

Gavin Glover affirmed that they will now have to send a request to the administrators of ex-Bramer Bank to return the money of the Rawat daughters; otherwise, the latter cannot to withdraw the money since the Bramer Bank has no licence to operate.

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