Speed Camera Stolen!

Revised Penalty Points Driving Licence Law Applicable In May

The changes pertaining to the speed cameras and the penalty-point driving licence will soon be finalised  — after the bill is approved in Parliament, that is. Any more debate relating to the bill will delay the implementation, but otherwise, it is expected to happen by the month of May.

Speed Camera Stolen!

The revised version of the penalty points driving licence will be applicable in May. The speed cameras will be activated at the same time.

The date to be scheduled for the changes will be determined after the law is approved in Parliament. The bill will be presented for the third time at the next session of the National Assembly. Also, more questions and debates over the bill that might arise will delay the procedures for its implementation accordingly.

The Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit (TMRSU) is currently working on the re-positioning of the 49 speed cameras. Other changes include making the cameras more conspicuous by painting them yellow, and by adding appropriate road signs.

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