Search of Missing Child Eleana Gentil Continues

What happened to little Eleana Gentil? Ever since the news of her disappearance was made known, the theories to explain how she slipped away from a family gathering without leaving a trace behind have been multiplying. Some believe she might have run away while others think she was kidnapped. Meanwhile, the police perseveres in searching for her.


Eleana Gentil (far left) & her family

Witnesses stated having seen her in a shopping center in Helvetia, St-Pierre, on Saturday at around 08h30. At that time, she was wearing denim shorts, and a red pullover. According to the individuals who saw her, she looked frightened.

Those who support the theory that says she has only run away argue that one of her cousins had also disappeared some time back. She was found accidentally when the police was looking for Eleana at Flacq – that was 13 days after she disappeared. The young girl stated having been raped by 5 men.

The police has mentioned the possibility that the two girls might have run away together. However, the cousin of the girl affirmed not knowing anything about Eleana.

The family of Eleana insists that she has been kidnapped. Her mother, Mirella Gentil, asserted that some of the individuals present at the family gathering by an aunt of the girl appeared to be weird.

Another family member seems to have made a pertinent observation: the father and paternal grandparents of the child had paid them a visit on the day she disappeared. Since then, they have not heard of them. When they called them, they implied having nothing to do with the disappearance.

In the meantime, volunteers who live in the neighbourhood of the family have helped to look for the girl.

The authorities are also working on it, leaving no leaf left unturned. Police officers, aided by police dogs, and the Special Mobile Force (SMF), as well as the Criminal Investigation Division and the Special Supporting Unit are looking for her.

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