Soornack Denies Rumour About Political Asylum

The London-based lawyer of Nandanee Soornack, Raj Boodhoo, has finally commented on the rumour purporting that his client has been seeking the assistance of the PTr to obtain political asylum in Italy. As a matter of fact, he has clearly stated that while Soornack did indeed contact the PTr to have a testimonial issued to certify that she was a PTr activist, she did not do so for the sake of requesting for political asylum.


Nandanee Soornack denies having solicited political asylum in Italy. The clarification she has provided was relayed by her lawyer, Raj Boodhoo, who is currently based in London.

The rumour began after the president of the PTr, Patrick Assirvaden, stated on Radio Plus that Soornack’s representatives had contacted the party to obtain an attestation confirming her as a PTr activist. However, the political party refused her request. It was then said that she might have planned to use the document she was asking for to seek political asylum.

Her denial was communicated to Radio Plus yesterday afternoon.

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